Liturgy, community,
and social activism.

Our Episcopal Parish

Celebrating our 40th year in 2019, St. Thomas à Becket is one of West Virginia’s newer vibrant parishes, located on the edge of Morgantown.

We are grounded in traditional worship from the Book of Common Prayer and we have a heart for outreach and service. Our small and lively congregation welcomes many from WVU and surrounding communities. We are professors, composers, artists, activists, musicians, artists, teachers, and more.


Join us on Sundays:

8:00 am — Holy Eucharist Rite I
9:15 am — Formation Hour
10:30 am — Holy Eucharist Rite II

All are welcome, no exceptions.
— The Rev. John Elliott Lein, Deacon-in-Charge
St. Thomas à Becket (1118-1170 CE)

St. Thomas à Becket
(1118-1170 CE)

“Remember then, how our fathers worked out their salvation…how the crown attained by those whose suffered gave new radiance to their faith.

The whole company of saints bears witness to the unfailing truth that without real effort no one wins the crown.”